I started A Small, Good Magazine to help new writers break into the publishing market. Anyone new to the world of online publishing can easily feel overwhelmed by the information and various options available. I hope that our presence makes that adjusting process a little easier at least.

What are you looking for?

As the name implies we are a small magazine, but we aim for big things. All I ask is for your best work: above all, I want to see real honesty and clarity of expression. The best of writing, I believe, is more real than real life. I welcome both fiction and non-fiction, as well as non-rhyming poetry.

What are you not looking for?

Please don’t submit science fiction, haiku, romance, or fantasy.

Any word count limits:

100-2500 words. The longer the piece, the better it has to be.

Cool. So how do I submit?

Send your submissions to asmallgoodmagazine@gmail.com Make sure you include ‘Submission’, the name of the piece, and word count in the header. You may include attachments if you wish, but always make sure to copy-paste your work into the body of the email.

Do I own all the rights if you decide to publish my work?

The writer, of course, owns all the copyright on the text. If you decide that you need to take your work down, for whatever reason, just send me an email, and I will do so.

Do you accept work previously published?

Yes. I care about the quality of the writing above everything else. If another magazine asks for exclusive rights, send me an email and I will take down your work.

Will I be paid?


Any last bits of advice? Perhaps a single sentence to nicely sum up what I should be aiming for?

Yes. Get to the heart with the least cuts possible.

P.S. What inspired the name?

Raymond Carver’s award winning story A Small, Good Thing.